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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Magazine

Outfit choices have the ability to affect how you feel each day, but understanding the basics early on in life will change the way you feel for life.

School, movies, parties, work, weekends, so many things, but what to wear! Outfit choices have ability to affect the way you feel each day, but understanding the basics early on, will change the way you feel for life so here’s a simple guide to Looking lovely for young ladies

Short skirts are not for the bowling alley or any other activity that requires bending or crouching, show how good you are at the game rather than your choice of undergarments. Nor is it much fun when you’re constantly adjusting yourself to maintain dignity. Try a jumpsuit or matching shorts and top set, equally as cute, much more comfortable and guaranteed to keep things classy

Underwear is UNDERWEAR, it should never be the focal point of your ensemble. Far too often a lovely look is ruined by a cheeky bra strap showing or knickers peeking out above the waistline –A lovely young lady would never reveal these things intentionally! With the correct underwear (not showing) your outfit will look its very best, as will you

Size Lies Every BODY is different, pay attention only to the way something fits, if it isn’t right, move up or down in size thinking only about the way it looks, don’t worry about what’s on the label! It’s impossible for a fashion brand to make a piece that fits everyone in that size range, they choose an average based on their target market. An 8 in one brand will be a 10 or a 6 in another. So, focus on the fit.

Balance your look, keep this in mind ‘if it’s all tight it’s not right’ the trick is balance, if you’re wearing a slimmer bottom choose loose on top, likewise if it’s loose on the bottom then you may wear a more fitted style for a top – unless we are talking about swimwear, saggy swimwear is never a good option top or bottom…….

Choose details over décolletage, turn heads for the right reasons, the special touches you add to an outfit or how you style your accessories. Pay attention to the little details and the compliments will start pouring in. Showing too much skin is never in style and is often a sign of ill-fitting outfits. It’s better to flaunt how fashionable you are, not how busty or booty. If you have to wonder ‘is this appropriate’ it probably isn’t

Don’t let social media or fashion magazines dictate your wardrobe, its fine to feel drawn to the world of fashion just don’t become a victim to it. Get excited by what’s new this season but use it as inspiration only. If you’re thinking about wearing something but feel like it might be a little bit tight, is uncomfortable or just doesn’t seem to sit right, don’t wear it because it’s in fashion, there’s nothing fashionable about something that doesn’t suit you

Reuse - Trying to keep up with trends and friends is exhausting and expensive, a lovely way to play with the latest looks is to take notice of colour and style and how they are being put together, then look in your wardrobe, often you can put together many of the latest looks in your own bedroom!

Dress for you, confidence is your most important accessory - Experiment, play with colour and prints, layering and textures. The only way to find what makes you feel amazing is to have fun with it and try it all. Learn to admire outfits on friends or in boutiques and accept that they’re not necessarily styles that suit you. Embrace who you are and confidence will shine through

BE A GOOD FRIEND! Be proud of being honest to your girlfriends, let them know if something doesn’t look quite right, or if you think other people may give them unwanted attention based on their outfit. Growing up is hard enough, everyone has regrettable fashion moments and that’s ok. But a kind honest friend might be all that is needed to make someone’s day

Where to find some pretty pieces? Local label Hendrik Clothing Company have the most delicious collection for young ladies (and now handsome little hunks) So why not start there xx

Pictures contributed.

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