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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Magazine

Tell me, how do you feel about startling colours and prints? Do you like pretty dresses, fruit, flowers and fierce felines? What if you were to blend all these fun features? Wouldn’t that be a frill!

Prepare yourself ladies, this weekend we’re going to Brisbane to check out Bonita Collective, after which, you may never look at fashion in the same way again.

At Bonita every ingredient is given careful consideration. Pleats, frills, embroidery and perfect prints deliciously designed to let loose your dazzle. The combination of all these components is superb right down to each tastefully placed sequin.

Every piece feels like a party and that’s the intention of this label, it’s for the vibrant girls of the world, those who aren’t afraid to stand out and be noticed. You simply couldn’t walk past a woman in Bonita without watching where she’s off to! Surely someone dressed so magnificently is heading somewhere rather fabulous.

Or perhaps all the fun and festivity she needs are already part of her ensemble, adding zest to her every step. It would seem be impossible to have a bothersome day wearing Bonita!

The man behind the label Kristian Williams, first rekindled his creativity through art on canvas, before long he applied it to fashion.

Whilst the artwork in both have incredible use of colour, there’s a definite distinction between the two. ‘For Bonita I wanted a happy brand that evokes joy’ ‘it’s more exotic and tropical’ said Kristian ‘The gallery work is a very different emotion’.

But Bonita isn’t just a one-man brand, Kristian’s family are hands on creatively and Bonita’s Co Director Stephanie Rooke is also very much a part of the design process.

When discussing their collection Stephanie mentioned the significance of sequins in their designs. ‘Small details are important with clothing, apart from sparking joy, they’re tactile, they’re shiny and bright, they bring life to our designs’

‘they have the ability to lift a print by adding another dimension' added Kristian ‘and they look fabulous!’

The Bonita team proudly work with talented artisans who meticulously secure each sequin, in doing so they help support whole communities and villages in India. They find these artisans inspiring and feel by including their handiwork in their designs, it differentiates Bonita from mainstream labels.

What have we got to look forward to from Bonita Collective this year?

So much! They have their very first homewares collection launching in May, in July they’re on the runway for Miami Swim Week in the US and they have a menswear line being released in October.

In the meantime, find Bonita Collective stocked locally at Uncle George in Sunshine Plaza and on Hastings St, Noosa or online at

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