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Bowerbird Builds Her Fashion Nest

As seen at the Sunshine Coast Daily

In a world where we can get our hands on pretty much anything, our desire for the unique is stronger than ever. Rare or forgotten pieces have become highly sought after and we are looking for ways to break away from the mainstream and assert our individuality. With that, the way we buy and view fashion has also shifted, in our efforts to be conscious consumers second-hand items are fast becoming the new, new.

Whilst the way we consume fashion has slowed and we show more consideration for each piece, It doesn’t mean we are ready to leave behind the comfort in the way we shop.

Not everyone fancies roughing it in op shops or at weekend markets searching for preloved items. More often the time simply isn’t available for an extensive search across the country seeking the last-minute piece to complete your outfit.

Allow me to introduce you to The Bowerbird Collective, a carefully curated ever-changing fashion platter. This is the ultimate never-ending wardrobe, each piece is tastefully collected from here there and everywhere, and all the wardrobes in between.

One of the most interesting things about shopping someone else’s wardrobe is the places they’ve been, the thing’s they’ve seen and the fashion they’ve discovered. The way The Bowerbird Collective works is by trade in’s, bring your fabulous fashion in for an appraisal and switch it for fashion cash, with no expiry date! How cool is that? So, all the girls with all their fancy from all over the world flock here to flip their threads. Meaning, if you’re after the unique you can find it here.

I have to say, it really is something to sit and chat with someone who has just crossed the doorstep to realising their dreams.

Kerry Anne owner of The Bowerbird Collective didn’t grow up showered with expensive items, in fact, often she was clothed in hand me downs, which although she was ever grateful it didn’t give her a lot of room for self-expression.

One day she stepped foot in a charity store, here it seems is where our little bowerbird found her wings.

To be able to wear wonderful pieces and find items that suited the way she wanted to express herself was a whole new world to Kerry-Anne and knowing it was within her small budget was empowering. Here she picked through and plucked out pre-loved pieces that spoke to her, she began to find her style and a little sparkle was formed.

A sparkle that over the years grew stronger and began to crystallise…… finally after many years pondering and planning, on the 1st of July this year, Kerry-Anne was handed the keys to 7/64 Sugar Road Maroochydore, two weeks later she welcomed her first customers to The Bowerbird Collective.

The Bowerbird Collective is a wonderful mix of pre-loved timeless pieces, well-known labels, forgotten favourites and hard to come by’s, you will also find new pieces and those of local designers each carefully chosen by Kerry-Anne always with her customers in mind.

During my visit, I spotted a gorgeous Spell top, a stunning navy Moss & Spy Dress and some cheeky One Teaspoon pieces among many other splendid things.

Drop in to say hello today, The Bowerbird Collective is open every day from 10 am-5 pm

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