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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Magazine

I'M A FIRM believer in less is more, unless we're talking feathers, fringe, sequins and beading.

Startling pieces such as these are undoubtedly more-ish - you always want more - and they require a little more care when you bring them home.

How you will care for these pieces really needs to be pondered before you purchase.

Not surprisingly, the overwhelming feeling you get when you first lay eyes on something wonderful, seems to outshine the dedication that may be required to look after it.

Before committing, ask yourself: will this ever make it to a dry cleaner? Am I willing to handwash it or will it end up swirling around the machine with the rest of my laundry? These are all important things to consider.

I'll assume you already have some of these treasured treats hanging in your wardrobe. For most, it's advisable you follow the care instructions but if you must be rebellious, here's some little tricks to help keep your trimmings in place.

Garment washing bags are essential and need be used every time one of your precious pieces goes near a washing machine. Always use gentle washing products over harsh detergents and opt for a cold delicates wash. If you have multiple items needing a little more love, use multiple wash bags. Putting a tulle skirt in the same bag as a sequin top will only end in despair.

With sequins or beads, button or zip the garment up and turn it inside out, before placing it in the bag so you're shielding the decorations. You still hazard losing some adornments and over time, sequins can lose their shimmer. The best way to avoid this is by hand washing or dry cleaning

To prevent tassels becoming a tangle, secure them with a hair band before cleaning.

If they have longer threads, tie a few bands down the length to keep them in place, then into the garment bag they go. Take the bands off before drying. When dry, use a steamer if you need to iron out any kinks.

Feathers are not washing machine- friendly. If you love feathers, you need to get savvy with the suds. Mix gentle washing detergent into warm water and swirl your feather garment softly around, then rinse with clean water. To re-fluff the feathers post- spa, blow dry on a low setting while hand fluffing. Never be tempted to wring or hang delicate pieces to dry after hand washing as this can result in them losing their shape.

Lay them softly on a towel and allow them to dry naturally. You may have to change the towel a couple of times to help the drying process but it's worth the extra love.


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