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Couples who dress-up together stay together

As seen online at The Sunshine Coast Daily

Seems to me when it comes to getting into costume there are 3 types of party people. The ‘no way, not my thing couldn’t think of anything worse person’, the ‘I love a good dress up throw something wonderful together last-minute person’ and then we have the multiple award-winning dress-up specialists, who will have every detail taken care of from head to toe and has likely learnt a new language to suit their theme.

Now, the multi-award-winning dress up specialist is always hunting for a new character to embody, so when an invitation arrives expecting of couple costumes, you can only imagine their excitement, this gives the specialist a whole new level of awesome to aspire to, but if you are the unsuspecting partner in mind for such an elaborate arrangement and your costume style is a little more ‘no way not my thing' or 'I’ll throw it together last minute' kind of person the thought of couple costumes may have you hiding out hoping for a conflicting engagement.

That’s no fun! Take control, the reality is your partner will be so pumped for the party so we both know you’re not getting out of it, the best thing to do is to check out some couple costumes and choose the one that best suits you and go for it!

As soon as you receive the invitation the first thing you must do is RSVP yes! Then start planning, giving yourself time allows you to choose the perfect coupling and partner should you be without. (If you are a Lone Ranger now might be the time to fire up Tinder or call on a friend)

Couple costumes are more specific than your ordinary dress up, it doesn’t mean you can both choose a character as long as you are dressed up, Wonder Woman and Felix the cat are not a couple. You might find it’s famous movies star couples, couples in history or just couples in general i.e. the Indian chief and his better half. Whatever it is you are a matching pair of some sort, the theme will be specified on your invite.

To make your life easier and to give you less of an excuse to opt-out, I popped over to see local dress up specialist Pia, the owner of online dress up destination Shop Fortune to see all the fun things she has for us to get creative with. Funnily enough, Pia is actually a self-confessed throw something fabulous together last-minute kind of person, but when you own a dress-up shop you can afford to be a little bit last minute so we will forgive her for that.

Here are my picks for some award-winning couple costumes from Shop Fortune

The most important thing to remember when planning for a dress-up party is to not let it overwhelm you, be daring with the theme, make it your own and have fun, then you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself when you arrive at the party.

For more amazing outfits and other great partnering's visit


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