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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Magazine

Fellas, there are so many options for your summer styles.

Gents, I know you think girls have all the fun in the fashion department but you’ll be happy to hear my recent discovery has something in it for you…..and us, but let’s talk about you.

I tend to think men have it pretty easy when it comes to getting dressed, throw on a sharp (ironed) shirt and nice pair of pants and you’re looking suave with next to no effort. However, when it comes to standing out from the crowd, things can be a little more difficult. Whilst there are many local designers that cater for women, they can be harder to track down for men.

Hunt no more handsome hunks! Recently I happened past a new boutique in Noosa Junction, Slow Cartel. Not one to keep walking past a fashion discovery, I went in to investigate. As the name suggests, Slow Cartel only houses slow fashion labels. Among the eye-catching pieces hanging around in this very cool new shopping destination, was local lad loving label Boo & Westley.

If you haven’t yet heard of this friendly fashion label, I urge you to jump online and take a look. They make the coolest button up shirts you ever did see. Now these shirts aren’t your normal collared culprits, they make a statement in more ways than one. Each is hand cut and sewn by skilled tailors, from fabric hand painted by artists all over the world, in their own traditional style. Some designs even taking up to 2 years. So not only will you look smashing in your new shirt designed to give onlookers whiplash. You’re walking around wearing a whole lot of lovin’.

What we love about slow fashion labels apart from the environmental impact, is the fashion factor. These wonderful eco conscious designers often produce only small batches, in the case of Boo & Westley there is only ever one of each. One of a kind = No other bloke walking around town in the same shirt as you! Woo hoo.

Ladies, you’ll be happy to know shirts are also back on our radar this season. Three quick ways to wear one; unbuttoned over swimwear, as a shirt dress with or without a belt and tied up with your favourite denims.

Buy a standout shirt for your favourite fella for Christmas, then hang it in your own cupboard…..Oops did I just write that?


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