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Judging by the sizzle of the sunshine, this year we are starting summer early so we need to sort out your sun loving situation as soon as possible.

These days we really are spoiled for choice so matter how you enjoy spending the warmer days there is a swimsuit or two for you.

But don’t just dive into any old togs, think first about how you want to feel when you have them on.

First off, we won’t be doing any of the three S’s this summer (stretched, saggy or see through). If you have any of these get rid of them, any boob dangling, bottom bunching, flimsy swimmers are out! When it comes to swimwear your confidence needs to be the most important part of your buying decision.

A swimsuit leaves little to the imagination thankfully there are plenty to play with so you can choose what makes you feel most comfortable in all the colours and prints you can imagine.

Today let’s go to Elka Swim, a swimwear label that was started in the Sunny Coast by the beautiful Holly. It has always been important to Holly when designing her swimwear to create styles that help women feel good about themselves, the focus of Elka Swim has never been on trends but embracing the simplicity of life and most importantly feeling comfortable and confident in your summer staple. A summer staple that we could easily turn to for the better part of the year!

The Beautiful Girl One Piece is at the top of my picks, this swimsuit offers style, support and versatility, wear it surfing, sun lounging or throw on a skirt and wear it shopping, the modest cut out at the front, keeps things classy yet calmly carefree.

An angel indeed the Street Angel Bikini Set is a cossie collectors dream. She can be worn 6 different ways, perhaps even more depending on how creative you are. Clear out your bikini draw and replace the lot with this one stop set.

Giving a nod to nostalgia the Heavenly Underwire Bikini Set has the perfect print with just the right amount of retro. The underwire offers extra support for your lovely ladies and with adjustable straps you can be sure to have everyone in place when you take to the ocean.

Now you’ll be happy to know Elka Swim doesn’t only do sets, so if you like to be a little more free with your style options you can summer yourself with separates, find cheeky bottoms right through to less daring derrieres, made to mix with all the tops you can think of in the freshest of palettes .

So many styles and all so very pretty and with a mum friendly collection coming soon, however you decide to spend your summer days with Elka Swim you can do it your way, find them online at

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