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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Magazine

Fringe, fringe, fabulous fringe, even the sight of it sends me into a spin, and I’m not talking about your lovely locks, though fringes of the hair variety are back in fashion. I’m obsessing over fringe on frocks, and accessories with tasselled trims.

If you’ve been keeping up with trends you will see fringe is a flutter this autumn and winter. But we don’t need a forecast to refuel our fringe fetish, it shouldn’t matter what time of year or decade we’re in, we can always find room for seemingly unfinished trimmings.

No, you don’t need to go barefoot or boho bonkers, you’ll find all your favourite designers swishing around in sophisticated strands this season, so there will be no difficulty snapping up something sensational. It’s simply too hard to resist.

So, if you feel like your life is lacking a tassel or two, perhaps it’s time for a fringe fling. The easiest way to shift your style mood is with accessories, so let’s begin at fringe handbag heaven Farrah and Sloane.

For founders and designers Nadine & Jane, fringe is no fad! They’ve been fringe deep for about four years.

Their bags strike the perfect balance between function and flair, here you will find hands free bags, sized to fit all the necessities, draped in floor length fringe. Well not quite that long, but if it were left up to Nadine, we could never be sure. ‘I just get so excited’ she said ‘This is where a business partner comes in handy’ ‘I tend to be over the top, and Jane pulls me back in’ she said when we chatted recently.

Although the fringe may not fall to the floor, we’re still talking extreme infringement, these bags have enough swish to shame Cousin It.

You see Nadine and Jane are attracted to fancy things, they tend shy away from anything plain, so they found their answer in fringe, because fringe makes fancy so many things…

Their signature bag (Lola or Margot determined by fringe length) is popular due to its versatility. It has the desirable impact for both day and night.

‘For anyone who thinks our bags might be too over the top for day wear, they’re mistaken’ said Nadine quite seriously. ‘they just need to try one! Our bags look perfect with a white T-shirt and Jeans, add heels and you’re ready for lunch with the ladies’. She said.

You’ll be happy to find each bag also comes with bonus stress relief, I took my fringed feline ‘Silvi’ on an outing with the girls recently and we couldn’t resist continually running our fingers through her fringe. Now that’s stress-free style.

Farrah and Sloane, find them online at

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