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We all know the fashion world has a language of its own, but never too often will we take time to decode it and certainly not whilst in mid-conversation with some of fashions finest, oh no no that simply will not do.

So, rather than have you nod and smile awkwardly trying to understand what someone’s saying, here my dears is a list of terms to keep you up to date.

Atelier – So fabulously French, atelier refers to a fashion designer’s workroom or studio.

Circular Fashion – Fashion that goes around and around, rather than being discarded to waste, think multiple wears, reselling, recycling, and redesigning.

Disruption - When something is created or designed in a way that doesn’t fit the usual industry mould. To go against the grain and be disruptive is often looked upon as positive, especially when referring to labels pushing their way forward in the sustainable space.

Fast Fashion – Typically inexpensive fashionable pieces, created to mirror those viewed in a designer’s collection or as seen on a celebrity, to provide current fashion trends to retailers in large volumes superfast.

Slow Fashion - The opposite of fast fashion, slow fashion is particularly focused on sustainability by creating quality garments made to last in smaller batches, ethically, and with respect for the environment.

Garish – Can be used to describe something so colourful and distressing to the eye that it’s considered in bad taste. It’s likely the use of colour is so powerful it’s hard to look away. If ever you find yourself looking at someone in such an ensemble, smile! Anyone dressed this way is having a wonderful time, we could only hope for so much from an outfit.

Having a moment – These days when the fashion seasons aren’t so clearly defined, there’s always room for something perhaps not already forecast to ‘have a moment’ of popularity. E.g. “Pink stripes are really ‘having a moment’ right now”. That’s not to say something already predicted cannot have a moment, if it’s making a large enough impact it’s ‘having a moment’.

Statement - A piece so wonderful it does the talking for you, think statement bag, statement shoes, statement ring. Spectacularly your statement piece may suit nothing in the rest of the outfit yet tie it together effortlessly, while simultaneously describing exactly what you are trying to say.

Vintage – Here’s a word that gets thrown around a lot. Though a vintage piece may be aged, something old is not necessarily vintage. Industry experts agree that an item over 20 years reflecting a style or trend from a specific era can be considered vintage, but remember vintage also refers to quality. So, trying to pass off a dodgy chain store item from 20 years ago isn’t really fitting to the term.

Be aware of vocab fads, there are some wild words getting around out there. If ever you feel like you’re trying too hard to fit a word into your sentence or it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, it’s unlikely to land well on someone else’s ears, it’s never in fashion to be seen as a fashion victim either in dress or vocabulary.


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Jacinta Emms
Jacinta Emms
Nov 09, 2021
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