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Time, there never feels like there’s enough of it.

It seems the savvier we are with our gadgets, the wider we open our doors to little time vampires. We make comfortable all the digital distractions, welcoming them into our homes and personal space. Too often they take advantage of our hospitality and overstay their welcome.

I doubt I’m the only one who picks up my phone for a time check, only to find myself headfirst in non-urgent notifications or moseying around on Marketplace. Even worse when you’re with friends.

In our need for new, we have sacrificed certain accessories that once held starring roles in our life and style. I think now more than ever, it’s time to say no to unwanted alerts and bring back the simple wristwatch.

A traditional ticker. One that wishes only to tell you the time and perhaps the date depending on your preference.

Looking back, it was rare to see a bare wrist. You could find watches in any colour you can imagine, and many designers created a collection with interchangeable straps to suit your outfits. With a simple glance, you knew the time without losing any.

In celebration of reinstating a tried and true time machine and to have you on time every time and looking fine, I have tracked down a wonderful Brisbane label whose timeless timepiece’s have truly stood the test of time.

Established in 1971 family owned business Adina is currently the only company to design and assemble its complete watch collection in Australia. Watchmaker and founder Bob Menzies wanted to create a watch that truly met the demands of our Australian lifestyle. Patiently, Bob created his first collection by hand in a little storeroom in his family home, now almost 50 years on, alongside his son Grant and their team of 20 Adina produces over 40,000 watches a year.

With something for everyone in their impressive range, the only question is which would you prefer to watch?

Three of my wrist warming favourites


This gorgeous girl is not just a pretty face, she also happens to be 100 metres water-resistant. A splendid fusion of fashion, function, and elegance. Yes, please!


They had me at orange but everything about this piece makes it one to watch. Designed to accompany you on all your escapades, it’s sure to have you looking good while you’re at it. Oh, and with Father’s Day fast approaching, perhaps you know a certain someone who needs one? Let’s hope that someone likes sharing so you can wear it too.


This particular piece would be splendid for any do and any day of the week. Not too feminine nor masculine and being 200m water resistant it's suitable for all your daily antics.

Visit to view their whole collection.


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