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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Magazine

Designer creates perfect balance between simplicity, sophistication and style.

STOP what you’re doing get in the car and drive to Noosa right away (if you aren’t there already). Because you will find a foot stopping, eye popping shop that will give you full body tingles if you happen to be partial to sparkles.

Talk about travel wear. I would travel anywhere in anything in this boutique and at any time. This kind of luxury must not be limited to lounging. You could wear these designer pieces to bed, bar, birthday party or ball.

Here lives the ultimate in everyday elegance, and on our back doorstep. How splendid.

Flannel on Hastings St. Noosa manages the perfect balance for a look that is not only simplistic but all out Rockstar and they do it effortlessly.

This gorgeous boutique is like the ultimate wardrobe, everything within it makes sense and works together beautifully. The colour palette enchants your eyes and pulls you in, if not for the sequins. These are non-basic basics…. Everything in their collection is comfortable, stylish and sophisticated.

It’s extremely difficult for me to choose one standout piece, I mean the Dynasty Pants, HELLO GORGEOUS! Or the silver On Location Duster, I would wear that to school drop off any day of the week, including the days I don’t have a drop off, no question about it. And I can’t go past the Amulet Cami in dove, it’s just so cute without missing a thread of elegance. In fact these three pieces together makes for a pretty show stopping ensemble. My hearts thumping just thinking about it.

What I love most, is this designer label is one that allows your creativity to run wild. Style silk essentials with a pair of pale pink sneakers or a twinkling skirt with a standard tee, it all works and if you’re not sure there’s a stylist on hand in every store to assist.

A family business themselves. Flannel work with small, family owned and operated production houses in Italy, China, India, and Indonesia. It’s important to them to give back to these families and communities and preserve the generations of knowledge and techniques passed down that can often become forgotten as larger manufacturers takeover.

Flannel’s signature piece: a simple silk slip, was the piece to begin the flannel story and one that remains a staple in their wardrobe.

Starting in WA in 2006 Flannel now has over 16 locations within Australia and overseas, including California and NYC. The gorgeous Noosa location is now approaching their first year and we hope they stick around to call the Sunshine Coast home for many years to come.


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