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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Weekend Magazine


You needn’t be fashion obsessed to feel the passion behind a designer’s collection. Often, they’ve spent years adding every intricate ingredient. When a collection is finally ready to take the first footsteps on the runway, they are sending their dearest out into the world, hoping we will fall totally in love.

This is true of the recent Judy Copley Couture runway. Every gown was lovingly designed, delicately stitched and so exquisite that one should choose to wear it on a day as special as their wedding or red-carpet appearance. To describe Judy’s gowns as breathtaking still doesn’t quite capture the romance that filled the room.

Picture: Taylor Ridley in Judy Copley Couture at The Judy Copley Runway Event

Photo : Karen Buckle Photography

Last week the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival returned to Brisbane. Currently the largest fashion festival in Queensland, many eager eyes awaited the new season’s unveiling.

Unfortunately, it was not these peepers. So for those of you like me, who were unable to experience this year’s euphoria, let’s take a snapshot through the eyes of my fashion confrère Carlie Wacker, who was right in the thick of the fashion action.

Can you describe the atmosphere?

The Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival oozes cool and class. This year’s location added such a wow to the event. Howard Smith Wharves is a hub of activity set under the story bridge with a backdrop of the Brisbane city lights.

What did you love most about the runway shows?

The runway show was slick and streamlined and showed a true diversity in what the fashion houses are putting to market.

I always love some showmanship so the Tropicana vibe of Bonita Collective with Conga drums and models sporting oversized sparkling Cuban cigars was super cute.

Any sneaky trends you can see trickling through?

Pink is piping hot. I’m talking smack-you-in-the face bold pink. Bold orange and citrus green add to the trio of fruity flavoured fashion trends ahead. Bianca Spender, White Label Noba and Bonita Collective showcased this tropical delight perfectly. The debut collection of Lindsay Ridings’ haute couture was the showstopper. We are seeing femininity, classic craftsmanship and the girliest girly gowns coming our way. Baby doll, A line, gown and tea length shapes and styles are reminiscent of old-school Hollywood glamour with touches of rock ’n’ roll. The key element to look into this season is the bow (the bigger the better).

What was the standout fashion moment for you?

The debut collection of Lindsay Ridings — from fashions on the field superstar to debuting her pretty and powerful handcrafted collection at the festival — she is a name to watch.

Which designer are we keeping an eye on?

White Label Noba are going to gather a whole new cult of followers after seeing their gorgeous creations on the catwalk and on so many of the attendees.

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