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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Weekend Life & Style Magazine

Prepare yourself for the silly season with an arsenal of stylish shoes

Indeed, the festive season is afoot. The time of year when afternoon parties may easily extend into evening. Giving us lots of occasions for dressing up.

Whilst we all feel a little more fabulous after a few beverages, sadly our feet don’t feel the same, making it so important to think carefully about your footwear before heading out.

You must choose your shoes depending on the do. The reason there’s so many styles of shoe is not because we all have a bit of a shoe fetish… well it’s a little bit that, but the real reason is, you couldn’t possibly wear the same pair for every occasion.

If you limit yourself to 4 pairs of shoes, not likely, but if you did here’s who to choose:

The pop in to say hello shoe – Although she looks the party and is guaranteed to turn heads with enough heel to shame a skyscraper, this showstopper likes to limit her party to about an hour, things go downhill after that.

The social shoe - This cheeky thing will sashay around for hours, likely a stiletto, nothing skyscraping. She knows how to heel and will call it a night after a few hours. Due to her being a little taller than your average pair of pumps, you may need to practice pre party to ensure you’re secure in your stride.

The slumber party shoe – Beware! You may be off to a dinner party, but this little minx loves moseying around past midnight. She prides herself on being a sought-after height at around 3 inches and this girl knows all the moves, so won’t hesitate to hit the dance floor.

The go to shoe – The lady to tackle all terrain, usually a simple style with a block heel to battle the boardwalks. The go to shoe will take you anywhere, from office to after work drinks then into the night, should your evening progress.

Being a seasoned shoe stalker I have my eye on a local label who’s nailed to ‘go to shoe’ eliminating the need for any mid–night shoe removals…. Who? Says you, makes such a shoe? Zoe Kratzmann hiding right here on the Sunny Coast, they pride themselves on comfortable shoes that that stand the test of time whilst still looking fabulous.

So perhaps you can wear one pair for every occasion, but why would you? When you can have multiple. We’re only human after all.

Always be realistic when it comes to heel height, if you’re having difficulty walking gracefully before leaving the house, you’ll run into trouble later, know what you can handle and always throw some Band-Aids in your bag, for biting blisters.


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