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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Magazine

Friendly fashion would be my favourite term when it comes to environmentally conscious clothing. It’s always on my mind when I’m thinking about my own wardrobe, so this weekend I thought we could talk about four small things we can all do to work toward friendlier wardrobes.

Love Local – Think of local labels as your new favourite family member. Not only is it nice to shop with a familiar face but you’ll find they’re very happy to have an honest conversation about where their garments are made and how they’re working toward being sustainable, if they’re not there already. Don’t feel comfortable striking up the conversation? Look online, friendly fashion labels will always display the details on their website.

A Sunshine Coast favourite ‘The Travelling Kimono’ are an excellent example of a fashion label who are very much an open book when it comes to sustainable practices.

Second Hand Shop or Swap – Gain eco points for recycling as you rummage through orphaned items. You never know what you’ll find in a second hand store and that is very very exciting! You’ll become much more in tune with your personal style and with what speaks to you when it’s not all laid out as ‘what’s hot right now’. Though fun as it is, it’s not for everyone. You can still do your part for the environment by hosting a clothing swap, invite your friends to bring items they no longer love, put on some nibbles and make an afternoon of it. Added benefit; your clothes haven’t travelled too far if you regret letting go of something.

Be Happy to Hire – Hiring is always an excellent option, especially now party season is dancing on your doorstep. By hiring you have a whole new wardrobe to choose from, with each frock ready to frolic. If you can try before you hire, even better, you’ll receive individualised service, making selecting so much simpler and when you’re only paying a fraction of the price, it’s a sure-fire way to cure your clothing commitment phobia. Here’s some doors to knock on before your next event; Helene’s Wardrobe for Hire and Judy Copley Couture Hire, both are Sunshine Coast based, and try before you hire.

In the bag – Whether you’re shopping or swapping, the focus isn’t only on what’s in the bag, it’s also very much about the bag they’re in. My Favourite is a basket style found at local eco store Little Leaves Grow’. I use it almost every day.

If you find something you love, you’re likely to keep it close, ensuring you’ll always be prepared for unexpected shopping adventures, eliminating the need for unpopular plastics.

Happy shopping, eco warriors!


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