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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Magazine

THIS weekend, I would love you to go through your wardrobe and pick out all your happy clothes.

These are all the pieces that make you feel really excited and energised just by looking at them and even more wonderful when you have them on.

They’re probably the pieces you wear a little more than others and are likely those that attract the most compliments.

Pull them all out and throw them on your bed.

Starting with these pieces, we’re going to have a dress up party. Hooray!

Before we start, make sure you have your accessories on hand and heels, of course. You should also have lippy close by and a wine if you’re so inclined (depending on the time).

Music is a must. Pick your favourite playlist and turn it up. Now we’re ready to party.

I want you to pick one of your happy pieces and see how many combinations you can make with it and the remaining items in your wardrobe. Do this with each.

Be creative.

Try things just for fun. You never need to wear it out, but you may just love it so much that one day you will.

Happy Clothes Jacinta Emms, statement earrings, everyday style

Often the most wonderful outfits come out of experimenting and it’s a great way to begin to understand and develop your own personal style.

Yes, it’s easier to purchase an outfit already decided by a retailer but shopping your own wardrobe can be a lot more enjoyable and so much more entertaining.

Try on every single thing. Nothing needs to be worn only the way it was intended.

Experiment with the unexpected: perhaps clip-on earrings can be shoe embellishments or brooches. Tie scarfs around your hair, on your handbag or wear one as a belt over a jumper to pull your waist in. Try it all — hats, bags, sunnies and statement jewellery.

Always think about where you could wear each look and which of them makes you feel the happiest. Take photos of your favourites — then you can always jump to them on short notice. The aim is to incorporate as many happy clothes into your everyday outfits as you can.

Dance – check out the way your outfit moves as you do. Looking good, lady!

Keep partying until you find new combinations for all your amazing pieces and always remember to take note of what it is that makes you love them so much. Is it the colour, cut or style you’re drawn to? Perhaps it’s the fabric or how flattering it looks on.

That way, when the time comes to expand your wardrobe, you’ll know what your working with and what to look for.

Dress happy, feel happy.

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