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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Weekend Life & Style Magazine

Scrunchies and head wraps are in this summer, so get creative with your own look

Every summer needs a staple, a piece bright or bold enough to lift your everyday look but still be considered a basic, something to take you from countryside to cocktail party with little effort. Well, this season we have you all wrapped up, literally. This year when we’re talking Christmas wrapping it’s all about the headwear. Hair wraps, scarves and other tress trimmings.

They started sneaking back into fashion last year around this time and I’m happy to say they’re staying for summer. Find them with flamingos, parrots, pineapples and polka dots or looking a little more subtle in linens and lace. Whether you opt for simplicity or rock the whole flock, you may find this is one piece you’ll wear quite a lot.

You can swing one from your ponytail or weave it through your plait, try a silk scarf for a soft bun or tie it like a turban and dangle your most delicious earrings (the fruiter the better). If you like your locks free flowing wrap one bandana style. Whichever look you like, you’re guaranteed to upgrade the glam at poolside socials, or if you’re lounging alone, one still needs to look the part with or without the paparazzi present.

Local wrapper Madame Melanie makes a wired variety, sewn with wire inside making wrapping super simple, great if you like to double wrap. Why wear one when you can mix and match with multiple? Put peonies with parrots, linen with leopard or wear them all.

There’s no rules here.

Look to your favourite local labels for a style you like. Many now use every thread from their collections, to create scarves and scrunchies in all your favourite fabrics. Thoughtful and fabulous, we like that. Do you have a habit of always finding a hair tie around your wrist? I do, it’s never a good look. A scrunchie looks much prettier and is less likely to go missing. It’s the most fashionable solution. What not wear some as wrist ruffles?

And don’t forget your local second-hand shop, welcome to scarf paradise. I’ve not visited one yet that didn’t stock a full range, all the colours, all the prints, every fabric and from all over the world. Some even large enough to double as a sarong. Splendid.

As we approach Christmas it’s easy to get caught up in the rush, feeling frantic and flustered, grabbing gifts that aren’t ideal, STOP! Take a breath and think of this. Keep it simple and make it a keeper. Ask yourself, will they love it? Is there a local option? And will it last?

There is one gift that does all this………and that’s a wrap.


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