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As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily

Those who pride themselves on giving the perfect gift all have something in common, they treat the surprise they’re presenting as a celebration within itself and they look forward to seeing you unwrap it, and not for reasons of gratitude it’s the sparkle in your eye they are seeking, to know they’ve once again succeeded in being the greatest gifter…

There’s no secret to becoming a great gifter but it does require some enthusiasm, consideration and a touch of creativity. Refined detective skills are also a benefit.

Gifting occasions will continually present themselves throughout the year, keeping a calendar is never a bad idea as it allows you to plan ahead.

The most important thing to do before arranging a gift is to give yourself time, time to think about the person, their personality, and their interests. If rob yourself of this precious time to prepare, it’s likely whatever you lasso last minute won’t pass muster.

If you’re not overly familiar with the giftee, put your detective abilities to work, check out social media pages to suss out their style or ask someone who can give you some clues.

Getting a better idea of what they like will narrow down the options when you start your search. If you aren’t going with a homemade option, start thinking about where you might find something suitable, having some destinations in mind will save you running around town wasting time feeling frustrated with less than fabulous finds.

When looking for something for the DIY-er rather than collecting standard craft supplies why not try somewhere fun like Chapter Two Interiors in Buderim? The eclectic collection within is sure to have you spellbound and if you happen into their Maleny shop you will be witness to a whole other world of wonderful, find upcycled oddities, furniture stencils and the famous Annie Sloan chalk paint, perfect for any level of creative ability. Oh! And they do workshops, also a great gift.

Also in Buderim, further along Burnett street find Yellow Oak Clothing and Homewares, stocking many exclusive clothing labels made with gorgeous natural fibres, locally made soaps, lip balms and lovely homewares you will not fail to find something fabulous for the woman with taste.

For the health-conscious Kunara at Forest Glen has it all, row after row of body-loving goodness, then in the actual gift shop, find candles, local ceramics and crafts, jewellery and garden-y gifts for the green thumb including seedlings right through to established plants.

Only a few of many destinations on the Coast will ensure you find a gift like no other.

Now you’ve nailed the perfect gift don’t let it down with wrap that’s lacking, find beautiful wrapping to suit your theme, perhaps rather than twine tie an oversized bow with a silk scarf in their favourite colour? You can add sparkles, feathers a sprig of something splendid from the garden or a spritz of your favourite scent.

If it is a good friend, why not complete their gift with a voucher for two to their favourite coffee shop so you can discuss your gifting expertise over a cuppa… Just kidding, one of the greatest gifts you can give is your quality time.


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