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Updated: Jul 23, 2022

As seen in Courier Mail

Hello there, another lovely day, have you got anything special on?

Seriously, have you? Look down, check out your undies are you happy with today’s choice?

If they had a voice, would they say you’re strong, confident and ready to tackle the day? Or do you think they would appear tired, giving the impression you're worn out, or perhaps a few strings short of a full pair of knickers?

Could you say with confidence that your underwear is an accurate reflection of you as a person? If not, that’s really quite serious and we need to get to the bottom of it.

Too often any old undies are pulled on destined to deliver a day of wedgies, knicker induced numbness, un-planned air conditioning or they attract unnecessary attention by way of T.O.V. (Through Outfit Visibility)

No doubt when you’re digging them out or wrenching them up you think “these knickers need to go” only to wash and wear them all over again.

The again, again unsuitable undie trend must come to an end.

At all times, your undergarments must receive careful consideration. Keep in mind colour coordination with your outfit and what you have planned for the day, even if it does not include stepping out of the house.

Twisting knickers don’t delay their crusade in anticipation of outside activities.

To avoid wonky waistlines and multi bums, the ideal fit no matter the style is when the waistband is firm but not tight and the elastic circling the upper leg or bottom holds position without cutting off your circulation.

If your pants are leaving red marks, you need to go up a size or two, never fixate on the actual size, only on the way they fit, I mean who is looking at the size of your underwear anyway, they will, however, take notice when you’re battling bothersome bunching.

On the subject of bunching, this may be a sign of excess fabric, meaning your knickers are in fact too large, and your unfriendly wedgies might be letting you know your underwear is too small or the elastic has had its day. There’s another variety of wedgies, let's call them “vegies”, that can also be avoided by finding correctly fitting knickers. Stop putting yourself through it!

When choosing the right style, it’s wise to look at recommendations for your shape and again think about what you’re wearing. Boyshorts tend to roll up when with jeans, but they work well beneath a floaty dress. Think about how they coordinate with what you’re wearing as a whole and I certainly recommend having a mixture of cuts and colours to suit your typical wardrobe.

Midrise, boyshorts, highcut, full brief, extremely brief, and even microscopic styles all have their place so find what works for you.

If you can get through the day without noticing your knickers, then you’ve found a good match, they should feel smooth beneath your clothes and not be visible through your outfit. Many underwear brands have size guides on their websites and you will have no trouble tracking down natural fibres such as linen and bamboo, perfect for all year round.

xx J

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