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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Magazine

Air travel need not lack style or comfort, if you follow a few helpful principles

JETSET: With a bit of preparation, you can travel with ease and flair.

You’re ready to venture off on holiday. Your bags are packed, and you’ve thought very carefully about what you will wear each day you’re away, but did you consider, just as carefully, what you would wear during your journey? Your outfit can be all the difference between an enjoyable passage or a torturous one.

You can still look polished and stylish without wearing tight fitting restrictive garments.

Opt for soft, then add edge with accessories, think oversize statement bag (not overfilled), head scarf and killer sunnies – Try to keep all other accessories to a minimum, especially when flying, they will hold you up at the gate, your aim is to turn up walk through and relax pre-flight.

Always and I mean always, consider your underwear. All underwear must be comfortable, there’s nothing worse, if your undies are making an appearance or are not staying where they’re expected to. You simply cannot enjoy the latest edition of Vogue with your knickers in a twist.

For early morning departures, planning the night before is crucial. Plan what you will wear in its entirety, then plan the 4am not in the mood for the first outfit back up. This is usually just a different top nothing too extreme, but if you’re anything like me and you change your top last minute then race out the door without changing the colour or style of bra to suit the top, it will stress you out the entire trip, so have your back up brassiere ready too.

My advice for your outfit outside of underwear and accessories is this, neutral colours and natural fibres, think lounge wear. I’m not one who advocates activewear outside of exercising, however if you feel comfortable in tights, try a pair of leggings paired with a linen shirt, likewise you can wear a relaxed top with your favourite shorts. If they’re a pair of the high waisted variety, be sure they won’t start squeezing your stomach or riding high, after you’ve been sitting for some time. Have a cardi in your handbag if you’re heading for a cooler climate.

Simple dresses and longer skirts are always great for travel. I wouldn’t recommend a short skirt, it’s likely you’ll take stairs or escalators before boarding or even if you are travelling by car, shorts skirts always require readjusting. If you don’t look like you’re going on holiday you’re probably not comfortable.

Now, pop on your coolest most comfortable flats, if they clash with the rest of your outfit brilliant, if not, it’s ok to keep things safe too.

Off you go, have a great time!


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