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The cold has been tickling our toes for long enough now that we’re finally feeling the urgency to work over our winter wear while trying to pull it off as fashion, the current warmer wardrobe we’ve been wearing has worked well to a point, but now things really need heating up.

Snuggly jumper’s and cardis are top of my list of favourites when it comes to instant winter warmers, they rarely fuss about age or gender and they’re so suitably simple without being too basic, so it’s no surprise year after year they continue to reappear.

If you've been snuggling one away in your cupboard I’d be surprised if the pair of you aren’t already inseparable. For those of you still searching for “the one” let’s take a look at your criteria.

When seeking out your perfect match you need to think about your interests, this will help you define what you’re looking for – Perhaps you enjoy chilly evenings seaside with a bottle of red? Or snuggling on the lounge with a good movie? Maybe It’s a morning stroll with Pablo the pooch, or something little more extreme like dodgem cars and roller coasters!

Looking to what’s in fashion, the coveted calf or ankle length cardi’s, though they are fabulous, could possibly present a problem when partaking in particular activities, rollerblading for example, but they are perfect for cosy cups of coffee and catch-ups with friends. There’s nothing fashionable about a faceplant, so you see the importance of considering how you will spend your time together before committing.

Never whisper any promises before consulting your current wardrobe, if you’re mixing with mostly calm characters, introducing a knit in a natural shade will ensure a seamless transition, for those of you who prefer your threads with a little more to talk about, you can continue the conversation with a bold statement of colour or say it in print, don’t be worried about a little clash here or there, often these pairings are the beginning of a wonderful romance.

When you have established shared interests you can start thinking about characteristics; length, sleeve or neck details and chunkiness of the knit, all important details to consider.

I do believe no matter how outrageous your personality, it’s still handy to have at least one neutral cuddler in your clutches.

You can do no wrong with denim, though I encourage you to sometimes slink away from the safety of your jeans and flirt with a skirt, or dress. Respectfully of course!

Your newfound love won’t be hard to find when you know what you are looking for. Myer, the markets, even my favourite op shops have options wanting nothing more than to hold you in their arms.

It’s worth noting that although some like to celebrate Christmas in July, this does not extend to knitted jumpers of a festive nature, though I appreciate the effort involved in creating these, this style of attire is rarely celebrated and best left for fancy dress parties calling for such a piece.

Snuggle, snuggle.

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