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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Magazine

I’ve always appreciated the art of macramé, it’s one of those handy crafts that can move seamlessly between homewares and fashion, then in fashion we see it timelessly intertwined into almost anything you can think of, bags, coats, dresses and jewellery, but have you ever laid your eyes on micro macramé?

Beyond friendship bracelets there’s a world of weaving so wonderful, that once you start exploring, you become more and more entrapped within every twist and turn. Gemstones, exotic beads and shells are wrapped in the finest of threads to create jewellery so intricate and awe-inspiring, you just need to get your hands on some.

The good news is, we have our very own wicked weaver, right here on the coast!

Let’s take a trip to the wonderous world of Laura Lowe, owner and designer at Jahdora Gems.

For Laura it’s always been jewellery, looking back she remembers adorning herself with beads and jewels from a very young age. Then, during a long winter in Canada, while she was living there for a time with her husband, Laura began playing with crystals and cord. From there the collection grew, she began to sell them in the local coffee shop and gift them to some very luck friends. ‘I never thought I would continue to evolve my style and still be creating it to this day, but I just love it!’ ‘To be able to make an income from designing, really is a dream’. She said

3 Quick Questions with Laura Lowe

Your designs are so unique, what inspires you?

‘I would have to say it’s the stones themselves. Sometimes I get stuck on a certain stone and it sits on my desk for months until I can come up with the perfect style to complement it’. ‘Some stones I just sit and stare at, wondering how Mother Earth has created it, it’s beautiful!’

What are you working on right now?

‘I'm currently working on a few custom pieces and I have recently finished my Azul (blue) Collection. That will probably be it for a while as I settle into 'mum life' (Laura is due any day now) but I'm constantly playing around with my gems and I've already got BIG plans for when I start creating again’

How long does one piece take you to create?

‘Depending on the style, it can take me between 1 and 4 hours per necklace. It used to take me A LOT longer, but this is my 6th year into it.’

To see how wonderful the micro macramé jewellery really is visit Laura @jahdoragems on Instagram or visit her shop at Etsy.

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