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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

.As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Magazine

Crafty local milliners will help you get creative with headwear

Here on the sunny coast, where the sun shines bright, I find it fascinating the lack of hats. Each year spring racing brings with it a flurry of fabulous head wear, incredible pieces carefully created specifically for the occasion. In fact, no trackside ensemble would be complete without one, yet even here you will find hatless heads!

Years ago, when to be in full feather was the only manner in which to dress, it would be rare to find a lady at any occasion without titfer. Nothing shows a host more respect than wonderfully dressed guests, yet hats seem have disappeared off our accessory lists. It seems the suns beams are not frightening enough to scare us into hatting our heads, so perhaps we’re just not sure about the where why how’s of hats. Racewear, we know, we’re familiar with that but where do we hat when we’re heading off track?

Social soiree’s expecting elegance in dress, like weddings, cocktail parties or red-carpet events are wonderful times to experiment. Wear a crown or a cloche, beret or boater you could even try a cartwheel hat or halo. Whatever the do, there’s something for you.

For poolside or garden parties, slapping anything on is never in fashion. For style and sun coverage, find a sunhat with a super wide brim, something so glamorous that you feel incredible in. Oh, and if you’re having a day of horror movie hair call on your hat for some help! Or a hairdresser depending on how extreme the situation…..

This isn’t to say you need to wait for an invitation to include an accessory so bold, every day is occasion enough, you just need to find pieces you love. Search in vintage stores, your favourite boutiques or have something made especially for you.

For this we call on a group of highly skilled artisans, I like to call them the mad hatters aka Milliners or Hat Makers. You’ll find them hiding out for hours sewing, stiffening, blocking, brimming and meticulously making the most amazing designs you’ve ever laid eyes on. Each hatter has their own unique style and can bring to life the most beautiful pieces by only looking at the outfit you have in mind.

Where do we find these creative magicians? Take a look at these crafty ladies locally; Madame Melanie and Jean’e Mae Racing Fashion and if you want to send some love up north to the hattiest hatter I know, send it to my darling sister at Kelly Louise Designs and don’t forget to say hi for me!


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