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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Weekend Magazine


Picture: Beads and bangles can add that something special to any outfit.

Sometimes the best way to make a statement is by being piece-full. Adding special or unique pieces to your ensemble is like the squeeze of lime in your sparkling water. Without it the water still sparkles, but the zing of lime makes all the difference. It’s no secret I love a good statement piece.

I’m sitting here surrounded by beads, bangles and other beautiful things. The combinations are endless and with each piece possessing its own personality, it’s increasingly difficult not to play dress up all day.

I especially love pieces that seem out of place, ones that make you stop and think. They are attention grabbers.

You can do it really well with day wear. Try your favourite denim shorts, simple shirt and sandals, now pick up your bejewelled bag and away you go. Glam in an instant.

Under no circumstances should you trust anybody who advises to “only sequin of an evening”. Sequins, sparkles and spectacular pieces are for any time of the day, whenever the mood strikes. When you believe this, you’ll find the mood strikes more often and you’ll be feeling fabulous all of the time.

Definitely take a fancy to bangles. Mix and match to suit your mood. This is an excellent opportunity to experiment with unusual combinations, clash colours or partner patterned with plain and textured. More is marvellous, but if you’re having concerns about the jangle of your bangles, opt for only one that’s distinct and stands out. If you don’t mind announcing your arrival, be musical and wear them all. You can find them in second-hand to high-end boutiques.

There are so many wonderful things like belts, bags, necklaces and rings. Just remember each piece must be comfortable. No one wants to be constantly readjusting themselves, especially when it comes to earrings. We all love showstopping sparklers and nothing brightens your face more than these amazing adornments. However, this is when you really need to watch your weight. If they’re too heavy you’re not likely to wear them often, leaving them destined to decorate your dressing table.

The most important things to consider when pondering accessories or any fashionable pieces is how do they make you feel? Or how do you want to feel? Edgy, feminine, strong or cheerful? Whatever it is, use these pieces to tell your tale. You could wear the same outfit every single day and make it look completely different with only accessories. Perhaps not if it’s a magnificent full-length floral dress … in which case the dress would be the talking piece, and you’d keep your accessories simple, or would you? It’s your wardrobe and your mood so do it your way.


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