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As seen online at the Sunshine Coast Daily

Every new season brings the opportunity for a fresh start, as the weather shifts new collections emerge to entice and inspire our wardrobes and whilst there is nothing more enjoyable than a new season shuffle, we need to be alert to snapping up all the fresh fashion without thought for how each piece suits both ourselves and our current wardrobes.

I feel when it comes to fashion if you like it, you should wear it! Equally as important as your attraction for a piece, however, is the feeling when you’re wearing it. You can read a thousand books or magazines on style but only you can judge the way an outfit makes you feel.

When something suits you….and I mean really looks good, the fit, the colour the style, it shows!

We all know a person who no matter the occasion always looks amazing, seemingly with minimal effort! There’s no secret to their style, they’re dressing for themselves, their shape and their lifestyle, they know what works for them and they embrace it.

There is nothing more frustrating than a wardrobe full of wonderful things that don’t work together, to remedy this you need a full-length mirror, you must have the ability to look at your whole outfit standing in a way you would naturally. Balancing on toilet seats, bathtubs, beds or any other structure requiring you to position yourself abnormally to get a glimpse in a mirror simply will not do, unless of course, that is the pose you plan on keeping all evening. If you do not have a full-length mirror you aren’t giving yourself a chance. Get one today.

Now, pick something you love but never wear, try it on and ask yourself, how does it feel? Is it too tight or loose in places or is it simply not your colour? Be honest with your reflection, taking in your whole silhouette, to be clear you are being critical of the outfit, not your body, the aim is to clothe yourself in beautiful pieces that complement the body you are in.

Now try something you love that attracts compliments, how does it feel, does it fit in all the right places? How do you feel? Confident, Sexy, Assertive? What part of your personality is shining when you have it on? How does the colour work for you? Are you seeing a waistline that may otherwise be shrouded? If you remember these things when you next hit the shops, you will avoid going home with unsuitable pieces.

Why not welcome summer with a wardrobe full of amazing things that look amazing on? Including your undies ladies… never disregard the importance of great underwear, unsuitable underwear can make or break any outfit!


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