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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Weekend Magazine


As we make our way into the new year, beginning to fulfil resolutions and create new memories, stitch by stich one of our favourite Sunshine Coast fashion designers, Judy Copley, is quietly creating pieces for her 2020 collection.

She hopes to exhibit her couture garments and bridal gowns at one of the most exciting and influential fashion weeks in the world – New York Fash

ion Week.

It’s not the first year Judy has been invited to showcase at this iconic event, but being a new decade, she couldn’t think of a more perfect time and is working toward making that happen, she

told me when we caught up recently.

When you lay your eyes on a Judy Copley piece it’s impossible not to become fixated. The longer you stop to admire it, you discover more and more details begging you to take in its beauty. It’s clear what you see before you is so much more than a dress – it’s a work of art, the only one of its kind in the world.

Judy spends countless hours with her treasured clients, forming a picture in her mind of all they hold dear, taking note of their most precious moments (or moments to be) so she can adoringly weave them into every thread and twist and twirl them through each embellishment or tuft of tulle. The result is a piece so spectacular it could only be an extension of the wearer’s personality.

Starting with only her passion and a desire to create beautiful gowns, Judy created her first few pieces while working for her daughter in her Noosa gallery.

“They were first showcased there and were so well received I just kept on creating,” Judy said. “I didn’t have any expectations, I simply followed my heart and created with passion.”

Many of her earlier pieces were super creative – they allowed Judy to explore different textures and gain a better understanding of how to manipulate fabric and embellish without constraint. Often, they were created using recycled fabrics, recycled cotton, laces and freshwater pearls.

Judy also loved experimenting with tea and other natural products to dye her garments. Even now she still enjoys looking back and reliving the memory of bringing each piece to life.

There is nothing ordinary about Judy’s couture, her imagination knows no bounds. Each new idea sparkles into more and more, in fact it’s her favourite part of the design process, she said.

“I love coming up with new ideas, it seems I have an endless supply”, Judy said.

“I am forever learning and growing through my craft.”

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