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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Weekend Magazine


This weekend have a think about what’s in your wardrobe. Every day we’re sneaking closer to warmer weather, making this weekend a great time to start planning ahead, so you don’t throw yourself into a frenzy at the first scent of spring. Let’s start with a recipe for a quick cleanse.

First, free yourself of all the cheeky little things you’ve let slide over the past couple of months (years). Dodgy little numbers that masquerade as favourites. You know the ones, perhaps they have a tear here and there or a couple of mysterious holes or marks that have been going unnoticed or ignored. Perhaps they’ve been so loved that they’re barely there at all … Unfortunately, even in our quest to be greener, some things, if they can’t be repaired, need to move on.

Like surrounding yourself with wonderful people, you need to clothe yourself with a

wonderful wardrobe, one that makes you feel good!

Start trying things on and think about this, what haven’t you been wearing and why? Is it damaged? Can it be repaired? Is there something not quite right about the colour? Was it a gift or does it not fit? Can it be altered? If not, who will it fit or who can it benefit? You don’t need a bigger wardrobe, you need a better one, we all think we’d love a bigger wardrobe (believe me I’ve been nagging my husband forever) but really, all you need is a wardrobe that works better for you no matter the size.

Now, move to the pieces that are beginning to become decorative. Hanging patiently, prettily dreaming of the soft rays of sunshine warming them as they sashay across a crowded street. Is it fair to keep them locked away, waiting and watching each of your fashion moments pass them by …. surely not! Ask yourself, if not you, then who can enjoy these pieces? Loving fashion is allowing it to be loved.

If you aren’t wearing or enjoying it anymore or it doesn’t make you feel amazing, there’s someone else who has a very special place for it in their wardrobe, be it a friend or someone in need. Remember your wardrobe isn’t something you just fill and forget. An ideal wardrobe no matter what your style, is one where the items within work together – if it’s disorganised or you are struggling to mix and match the pieces. I’m sad to say you’re in for many a wardrobe meltdown and there’s nothing fashionable about that.

I wouldn’t be the first to feel that I don’t want to go to the party because I just can’t get it together. It happens, it’s not nice, so to be kind to yourself and your wardrobe and sort it out!


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