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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Weekend Magazine

Who doesn’t love autumn?

Although not as celebrated as spring, autumn is a welcome season and one that really seems to ground us. We feel like party season has come to an end and we start to think about hibernating for winter.

Whilst the weather change on the coast is not so sudden, our fashion mood has a more immediate shift. We begin reaching for coat hangers holding earthy hues and we’re feeling a little floatier with our outfit choices.

Our style of dress suggests a pull away from online overload and a turn toward nature. Think camping by moonlight and barefoot beach walks. It’s time to leave the gadgets behind and embrace the beauty of autumn.

Whether you wish to rework your current wardrobe or add a few seasonal pieces. Allow nature to inspire your palette. Take a drive to Sunshine Coast’s hinterland to see all the colours we’re loving this season as the landscape changes, like rust, sage and turmeric.

Not sure what to wear on your season inspired road trip?

First stop, Samsara Home at 6 Blackall St, Woombye.

This hidden gem parades as an amazing homewares boutique but once inside, you will find a walk-in wardrobe fabulous enough to inspire your own wardrobe renovation.

First impressions upon entering, are that of modern femininity. The woman who shops here is a gypsy at heart, but she travels in style. Her look will always speak a little of the 70’s, yet with a little more polish and modern flair. She seeks simplicity but will never do without special touches: a ruffled hem or neckline, embroidery or tasteful tassel trimmings. She is known for her carefree nature and subtle sensuality.

Housing the likes of Auguste the label and Tulle & Batiste, at Samsara Home you will find the perfect pieces to capture the seasons escapism vibe. Discover rustic florals decorating floor length flowing dresses, pleasant purples scattered through soft skirts and pants you’ll pack for every autumn adventure. Each piece in the Samsara wardrobe is suitable for a Saturday night soiree or a Sunday afternoon sipping sparkling water (or wine).

All are pieces that require minimal effort for maximum impact.

Though we’re not quite ready to whip out our ankle boots, with this wardrobe they would be perfectly paired. So, you’ll be happy to have an early jump on winter. You’ll also find these floaty dresses and wrap styles can easily adapt to all seasons, we’re just particularly fond of them this time of year.

So, go on, don’t let me keep you, finish your cuppa and head out for a beautiful weekend full of adventure.


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