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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Magazine

Selling Online Jacinta Emms Fashion Stylist

SO, you’ve cleaned your wardrobe out and you’re ready to sell a few things online. Great!

The way you present your listing will make a huge difference to the buyers you attract and if you sell it at all.

As mentioned last week with shopping online, spelling is very important.

If you want buyers to find your listing, you must use the correct spelling for the item. If you’re unsure, check the tag. Spelling errors will result in fewer people seeing your listing, making it difficult to sell.

At all times, you need to post photos of the actual item. This gives people a clear picture of what they’re buying and avoids you receiving messages at all hours from people wanting more information.

Never post blurry photos. For each garment, take a clear photo of the front, the back, then the label, clearly showing brand and size. If it’s new with tags, take another picture showing the tags attached.

Selling Onlne Jacinta Emms Fashion Stylist

If the garment’s been worn, check it carefully and mention any signs of wear. Take additional photos to show what you’re describing. Always be honest. Simply posting “condition is worn” is not acceptable. If you miss-represent an item, you will attract bad feedback and people will avoid shopping with you in the future.

It’s important to show the whole garment: a full-length dress requires a full-length photo. If a piece has unique features, take pictures to show how wonderful they are.

When a garment is made with sought-after fabrics, take a picture of the label describing what it is. Many people list items describing it as linen or silk, because it looks similar.

Never do that. It’s linen or it’s not. If it’s a blend, say so.

If you’re modelling the items, please don’t put it up with your head scribbled out, if you prefer not to show your face, crop the photo. It’s much more professional. It’s also advisable to take note of what is in the background of your photos. If the background is messy, we can only assume how the garment has been cared for … A simple background is best.

In your description, be clear, to the point and mention everything of value to a buyer.

Include brand, colour, condition, size and postage terms.

If you’re happy to combine postage, let people know so they can shop the rest of your wardrobe. Unless you mention particular postage times, buyers expect their package to be sent the next day. They’re excitedly waiting. If it arrives weeks later, they’ll feel disappointed and leave bad feedback.

When deciding what you should sell online, think about what you’d love to receive. If it’s a little less marvellous than it once was, perhaps skip it.


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