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Shelving Winter

If only we could truly have a revolving wardrobe, when the seasons change simply push a button, your wonderful wardrobe spins, winter wear is no longer in sight, spring and summer appear looking fresh and fabulous at the front waiting for all the incoming invitations.

Sadly, it seems there isn’t such an option for most of us, so spring shelving of winter wear needs a little more attention than a push of a button.

So, let's look at the best way to go about it.

Shoving winter woollies further into the cupboard without thought is never an option, you need to think about what you want to be faced with 6 months down the track when they re-emerge. Show them some love and shelve them carefully.

The best way to start is to pull out all of your winter clothes and do a quick assessment. Weed out anything you haven't worn this winter, and perhaps the winter before… make the call, is it likely to make a comeback or will it just hang around warming your coathanger? Cooler weather clothing is bulky and often it can be hard to find to store, shelving unnecessary items doesn’t make sense. Let them find a new lover.

For the keepers before folding and forgetting about them, throw them through the wash, that will take care of any smudges or marks you haven’t noticed that may attract mould or develop into stubborn stains whilst in storage.

Moths are well known for feasting on your clothing fibres, so ensure you have mothballs, lavender or another moth deterrent on hand to pack with your pieces. Cedar balls seem to work well without the overpowering scent. Another creepy crawly who likes chewing through your closet contents is the common cockroach, so if you intend on keeping your clothing intact, you may need to find a way to keep them at bay and shuffle your shoes every so often.

Often the top shelf in your wardrobe or spare room is the perfect place for storing, if this isn’t an option, find a suitable place to keep your items safe, out of direct sunlight and damp areas.

Never forget scarves and other winter accessories, if they don’t take up too much room you may prefer they remain in your wardrobe, however, if you have quite a collection, ensure they are clean before storing. If you have the room, handbags will hang happily on coathangers in your wardrobe, otherwise place them in their original dust bags and store in breathable baskets. If you happen to have any silica gel packets handy these will help control mould attracting moisture or you can find moisture absorbing beads at the hardware shop.

To maintain the shape of your boots when they're not in wear you can try wooden shoe moulds or pack them with newspaper or in the spirit of spring wine bottles also work, bubbles anyone?


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