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Snow style for the freshest of snow goers.

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

With one of the snowiest starts to our Australian ski season, already the presence on the slopes is strong, and following a couple of unusual years, first timers are flocking with a reignited sense of adventure.

Getting a start on your skis or snowboard is a breeze with instructors a plenty and the babes can be booked into snow school, so day-to-day planning can be taken care of with minimal fuss, but when it comes to matters of packing, it’s a whole new world of wardrobe.

For seasoned snow slayers this requires little thought, you can pack a bag in under 20 but for those who have never experienced temperatures requiring a certain type of warmer wear, planning what to pack may be rather daunting.

Before we break it down, allow me to clarify something.

The person who tells you that snow is not that cold, actually means, it’s not that cold if you are wearing the right clothes. Otherwise, it is very, very cold.

So, let’s pack some heat!

Thermals will become your new best friend. Leggings, long sleeve tops and socks. You’ll be happy to know dodgy-looking long johns are long gone and our options for splendid undergarments are unlimited. Neutral colours blend nicely with any choice of outerwear, but you can find them in all the colours if neutral isn’t your idea of nice. I would pack a minimum of 2 sets, but thermals don’t take up much room in your suitcase so stock up and wear them as Pj’s too!

Always opt for seamless and bunch-less especially when it comes to leggings and socks. Ski boots have a nasty habit of bruising where there’s bunching, therefore, longer socks are preferable to minimise bulges in your boot. Your shins will thank you for it.

I’ll leave it to you to calculate how many pairs of knickers are needed for your intended adventure. Just ensure they are stable ones…. There’s simply no suitable way to readjust wedgies beneath several layers, whilst wearing snow gloves. When it comes to brassiere, wire-free and sports styles will ensure comfort while you are shredding it.

For outerwear a snowsuit is a given, the style and colour can be decided by how much attention you want to attract if you stack it. Finding a jacket that can work for everyday wear and double as your snow Jacket makes for happy packing. Cast your eye to Kathmandu they have some great lightweight options for this and are having a big sale at the moment. You can always pop another puffer in for fashion reasons but believe it or not, it won’t be noticed if you don’t. While there are some definite fashion moments, typical snow style is pretty straightforward, a pair of jeans and a jumper will do you well of an evening, with thermals underneath and a jacket over top, of course…and some gloves…and maybe a scarf.

An attractive pair of snow boots will take you through the snow and out, eliminating the need for extra shoes, but I wouldn’t go without my slippers, and sneakers for the trip there and home.

Depending on the weather conditions you should consider sunscreen, as the glare off the snow can be pretty intense, I'd pack some anyway just in case.

And finally, don’t leave home without your beanie, body oil or lip balm. A beanie with an exaggerated pom, pom is a must, body oil is an absolute essential, (I’m currently obsessed with one by Organik Botanik) it’s divine after a hot shower or bubble bath and a tinted lip balm is just the finishing touch you need for every outfit.

If you found this helpful feel free to share with a friend who may need a hand packing, I'm only too happy to help :)

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