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Sparkle and Shine

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

As seen at the Sunshine Coast Daily

This summer as the sun goes down sequins and shine will be sweeping the streets. We love nothing more than bringing out all our sparkle for the festive season, so, ladies, if you don't mind a bit of twinkle, now is your time to shine.

There's something so very exciting about sparkles, a flicker of glitter always feels fabulous and it's the perfect trend if you're a throw on and go girl, a splash of shimmer will bring the luxe to any ensemble. Give a classic look a twist with a wink of a sequin or a glittering of gems, or if you want to stay safe find your shine with satin or silk.

The trick with glitz is to make it look simple, wear a sequin top with a simple bottom or try an embellished neckline or sleeve, and of course accessories are always a go to when it comes to safely rocking any new season trends. Belts, bracelets, earrings, and shoes are all stepping up to help us shine into new year.

To add some dazzle to your daywear, include subtle pieces with gold, bronze and silver metallics or light up like a meteor shower, either way after this rough year, we're seeing stars we can't seem to get enough!

Stepping out? Strike like lightning, now is the time to turn up the wattage, think high voltage pizzazz. Sparkling dresses, handbags, anklets and bracelets are all taking our summer style next level so don't hold back! Look for larger sequins for maximum impact and smaller for a slinkier, more subtle entrance, both, however, will turn heads, so be ready for the paparazzi!

Some accessories are made to be the showstoppers, they are just too fabulous to be an afterthought, so why not start with your most dazzling piece and build your look from there? And If you buy one thing this season - Make it a brooch, they are a lot of fun and so suitably festive, find one with your favourite stone or search for something unique in a second-hand store, a brooch is a wonderful accessory if you want to tip toe on the sparkle without fully committing.


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