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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Weekend Magazine

Be inspired by this talented duo's budding fashion business

FASHION ENTREPRENEURS: Zoe (left), 13, and Coco, 12 selling handmade scrunchies at their beachside street stall. Picture: Jacinta Emms.

If we could take a thread out of Zoe and Coco’s fabric, we’d have a very productive year indeed. These two young ladies are making it happen, literally.

At Lennox Head over Christmas, I happened by a roadside stall. The sight of two young girls busily sewing away on their machines stopped me in my tracks. What a fabulous discovery!

Scrunchies and bows made to order and sewn on the spot.

Just between you and me, I was so impressed with the set up I would have purchased anything they were making but, after consulting the sample sheet, I decided on a dalmatian print scrunchie and matching bow. After all you can never have too many scrunchies and animal print suits absolutely everything.

While waiting for my order, I decided to find out a little more about these budding fashion designers.

It seems Zoe has been very busy setting up shop and launched her Instagram store @co.scrunchiez in June last year, she has since held pop up shops during the holidays to save for a school trip. Then just in time for the roaring Christmas trade she joined forces with Coco to increase production and of course it’s always fun with a friend.

Sewing has always been a hobby of Zoe’s. She said her skills were passed down from her grandma. ‘Sewing skipped a generation’ giggled Zoe. ‘Mum can’t even sew a button’.

Coco’s Mum however, knows how to thread a needle and has happily passed on all her tips and tricks.

Most of us remember the ‘Scrunchie’ as a popular 80’s accessory but they first came about in 1963, so these pretty little pieces have been taming our manes for longer than you think.

When I asked this delightful duo ‘what makes a good scrunchie?’ Their answer wasn’t about the technique or fabric used ‘It’s the effort that goes into them’ said Zoe ‘we care about making them and put a lot of time into them’.

‘We make the best scrunchies in Lennox’ added Coco. And she might be right, they had a long list of orders, which kept flowing in as we talked. So, the girls continued sewing and smiling as they marked off their list.

Plenty of locals stopped by for a chat and some last-minute Christmas gifts, in fact there weren’t many people who didn’t stop and me of course, one very happy customer. It’s so refreshing to see two young girls getting out there and having a go I have to say it made my day and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what they’re sewing next time I’m in town, because my name will be on their list.


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