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Updated: Jul 18, 2020

As seen online at The Sunshine Coast Daily

To fashion lovers the all-season skirt may seem like a bit of a legend, something spoken about in style circles but not yet seen to be admired.

I being a winter avoiding summer lover in the wardrobe department have spent many days in search of such a skirt.

Recently, despite my extensive skirt searching abilities, it was her that found me - She goes by the name of Ava

Not one to skirt around, Ava has since threaded her way into my wardrobe as a rock-solid staple. She immediately formed fast friendships with all my tops, has complemented my entire shoe collection and is extremely comfortable snuggling in with my winter knits. The only pieces in my wardrobe getting their threads in a twist over the dainty new addition, are the other skirts….

Enough about them, let’s talk about Ava. Created by local fashion designer Sabrina Holmes of Sabali the Label, Ava almost didn’t come into existence, you see Sabrina never really intended to create a skirt so sassy, yet she drew the sketches, then sewed the stitches, Ava was determined to come to life.

Sabali is a peaceful label created in Noosa, each piece is designed then handmade by Sabrina, in high quality linen in the most beautiful natural colour palette. Her collection reflects our coastal lifestyle and speaks of patience and timelessness. In a word, Sabali is unfussy.

Ava is a little different to the rest of her family. That’s not to say Ava is fussy, though she may be playful and a little more outspoken, fussy she is not!

Her length suggests grace and good taste, but she is far from out of touch with her fun side. Ava has a spin to rival that of any 2-year old’s tutu, yet she successfully suits the age of the wearer. Could it be possible that Sabrina has created the perfect skirt?

Let’s look at Ava for each of the seasons

WINTER - Wear Ava over a bodysuit, add tights and ankle boots. Control the cold with a cropped knit and complete with a coat. Warm, feminine, and fun.

SPRING – Slip on a soft silk blouse, floral perhaps, prints suit perfectly, strappy shoes, wide brim hat and your favourite ear adornments. A rose’ will finish this look very nicely. Add sheer hosiery if winter’s overstaying its welcome.

SUMMER - Linen dries wonderfully so Ava is a classic choice with your swimsuit (just be cautious with chlorine, chlorine damage is never in fashion) Out of the water, wear with your go to strappy top or linen crop, your shoe options are endless, so check out what’s in fashion. Apparently gladiators are on their way back – Gladiators will look awesome with Ava.

AUTUMN – Lounge in a long sleeve crochet style knit over a simple camisole, tucked, or cropped is best and will show off your waistline, wear covered toe slides, shades, and a big smile.

The All- Season Skirt, find her at

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