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Where to start this fashion story? Do we begin at the first rejection from wholesale buyers for local tween label Hendrik Clothing Company?

“Your market is too niche.”

“that age group won’t buy it!”

Or will we fast forward to the 50th? Each with a similar script all ending with no.

Better yet, let's sit with Brooke the designer and creator of Hendrik Clothing Company, as she waits outside the day-care centre for her youngest, about a week after the latest dismissal,

awash with disappointment, wondering if this is the final chapter for the label she and Lisa (partner in fashion and marketing extraordinaire) have poured their heart and soul into.

Over 5 years of early mornings, late nights and family sacrifices have bought us to this moment, to a point where both Brooke and Lisa were seriously contemplating whether it was time to give up, all the while knowing in their hearts they have an amazing product, one that is responsible, ethically

designed and made locally from the most beautiful linen sourced from Australian businesses and

one that absolutely has a huge market if anyone would give them a chance.

'I mean sustainable fashion is the only way forward isn't it?' Thinks Brooke as she contemplates the future of Hendrik Clothing Co.

At this moment an unexpected email arrives.

An email from Australian online fashion giant The Iconic, asking if they would be interested in sharing their collection across Australia and New Zealand as part of The Iconic’s considered selection. For a moment everything stopped.

“That email was everything,” said Brooke “after years fighting for this Niche market, having no one accept us, after all those rejections, I just started shaking.” “Then I felt an overwhelming sense of pride.”

“Pride not just in what we had achieved, but pride in the community behind us; the models and their families who had given their time, our families and friends who pushed us to keep following our dreams, everyone who had cheered for us and given us the confidence and believed that we had something special.”

As you can imagine the weeks to follow were full of sewing and stress as the girls prepared themselves for their launch on The Iconic. “It felt so surreal,” “here we were feeling lost and unsure,

then suddenly it was all happening” said Lisa.

Finally, on Monday, the 2nd of November 2020 Hendrik Clothing Co. officially went live, within four hours they made their first sale, many more have followed.

“It really showed us that staying strong, sticking with our values and taking the time to do better and

be responsible, though it may be a long road, it’s one that is worth it in the end," said Brooke

The Hendrik Clothing Co. range is created to showcase the person wearing them, rather than detract from their beautiful faces. Each piece is fun, timeless, and made to last, and as Brooke delightfully puts it “they are designed for the wearer to make it their own, while mum knows their bottom is


Check out their newest collection online now, including the slip dress and party dress pictured at

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