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From humble beginnings, Jeans fast became the hardest working wardrobe staple we have.

You’d be challenged to find a person without a pair and will often find multiples. There are so many styles to choose from, some we lust after, others we loathe but we all wish for a special pair to love.

The most important thing to remember when choosing jeans is to value fit and comfort over a brand. The label your friends love may not have the pair that’s perfect for you. Experiment with different waistlines and styles.

Your jeans need to be that special piece you can trust, the one item you can throw on and KNOW you look good.

To get you started here’s what we’re striding in this season.

Boot cut is back in a big way, fabulous for a fuller figure and so thoughtfully boot friendly. Say goodbye to bunching boot lines it’s time to revive your booty-licious, boot-iful, boot-legs. Perfectly paired with a blouse.

We're also welcoming wide-leg jeans and flares. Yes, flares! Many have a higher waistline which does wonders if you’re looking to elongate your legs. I can barely tear my eyes away from some of the cropped corduroy styles I’m seeing this season. Local tween label Hendrik Clothing Company have nailed this look, so don’t think twice about decking out the whole family.

For those of us addicted to skinny jeans, your collection is safe. They’re staying in close quarters, but don’t be afraid to stray a little.

Distressed denim remains popular and always promises to add a touch of celebrity to your ensemble. Everyone should have at least one pair of jeans with rips or tears, they possess a different personality to your everyday threads, try a pair, you’ll see! Team with a grungy T-shirt to take centre stage or keep things simple, there’s little they won’t suit.

Perhaps surprisingly, double denim has kept a consistent trickle through the trend reports over the last couple of years. This winter rather than banging on any old combo, we’re stepping it up a notch and streamlining our look with matching shades for top and bottom. Only a wink away from a denim suit and though we are hearting suits this season I’m not sure we’re ready to commit to one in denim…..yet.

We are also seeing front seams, patchwork and pleat front jeans. Fun!

Try them all or stick with what you know, but whatever you do, dedicate time to try as many pairs as you can. The perfect pair is waiting for you and will stick with you for years to come, so choose well ladies and stay warm.


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