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As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily

It only seems like yesterday we were sorting and shelving our winter wear but the autumn rain has bought with it the first hint of cold reminding us to get back in those wardrobes and start reintroducing our cuddlier pieces.

Now, I don’t want to alarm you, I’m certainly not suggesting winter has arrived sooner than expected (though it always seems to) but its approach is inevitable, so we need to be prepared!

Only this morning I reached for something warmer than my usual suspects and lo and behold I spent the next hour sneezing.

I think we can agree a sneeze is not the new black, so if you need only one reason to sort and shuffle ready for some crisp days then let it be that.

By getting in early you give yourself time to free everything from dusty snugglers, every time you throw on a wash add a couple of jumpers or a throw, that way by the time the cold hits your front door you are ready with your arsenal, snug as a bug and sneeze-free.

Fortunately, unlike our friends further south we don’t need to pack away all of our summer clothes but you still need to have a quick flick through to ensure what you have is what you wear, shuffle what you need to then wipe your shelves and hangers and organise your space so it’s ready for some bulkier items.

Arrange your wardrobe in a way that makes sense, keep what you will wear most front and centre and those with less rotation off to the side or up high.

When you begin bringing out each of your warmer pieces, stop and consider each one, yes before you packed them away you did a quick inventory, but now as you think about what you will wear in the coming months, be realistic, do you have some random mittens or a scarf that has survived many a cold month never to be worn?

Maybe it’s a chic vest that you love the idea of in your wardrobe but not on you, make a decision will it survive yet another cold season?

Perhaps you have some of those ever so trendy toe socks, I suggest you consider these carefully, VERY carefully, I’m sure you will make the right decision when it comes to items such as these!

If you’re feeling vertically challenged where your wardrobe’s concerned, buy a step, wardrobe acrobatics is not a thing and no one likes to pull down one jumper to be hit in the face with the whole pile.

If you find a step that suits your décor it can double as a plant stand.

If you need new cosy clothes, don’t go overboard, again due to our climate we don’t need a wardrobe full, purchase things to complement what you already have.

Autumn is the season for layering so make the most of your new outfit options, think little jumpers with floral skirts and denim shorts with a knitted vest with sneakers.

The look you are going for is “ I am cosy but not yet committed to cold weather”

xx J

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