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Do you ever take your outfits on test runs?

Not new outfits, I’m talking about cheeky pieces that seem to be slinking further into to the back of the wardrobe.

Yes, seasonal change will dictate when some items are worn more than others, and of course, staple pieces find their place most of the year, but there are some items you really love and yet never seem to reach for anymore.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why?

Often when something begins creeping into the depths of the wardrobe, it needs to be plucked out and prepared for an outing.

Date time with you and your outfit, time to rekindle the flame and see if you can make it work.

You know you bought it for a reason and I’ll assume it still fits as there is rarely value in holding onto items that you can no longer get your bottom into and for this exercise let’s say the piece was not purchased to suit a fad as we all know they have their own used by date.

I believe it’s very important to give every piece a chance to thrive in your wardrobe rather than contribute to waste. You must try all options before deciding that something no longer aligns with your style.

Perhaps the piece you love but no longer wear is a pair of pants, choose them for your next outing, even if it’s just a quick trip to the shops, it’s only a test run. Now find tops and shoes to complement them. In doing so you will begin to realise why they haven’t been leaving the house of late (not, of course, considering any restrictions)

Have they become a lonely item with nothing to pair with? If this is the case think about what will suit, so you can keep an eye out. Remember to try combinations that you’re sure won’t work too, often this is the key to your own killer look!

Is it something a little more irritating like a scratching tag? When you’re in a rush to get ready a tag that scratches will cause you to put the item back as you don’t have time to fix it at that moment. Now is the time to sort it out, grab the quick unpick and remove the lacerating label.

Perhaps it is something always in need of an iron? Though ironing may be right at the top of our love to-do's, some items require more attention than others. I seem to collect a lot of these. A steamer is always useful or give yourself half an hour every so often to perfectly press these pieces.

Is it a missing button or loose strands, get a needle and thread and start stitching, can’t sew? Find a friend who can and buy them a bottle of wine for the trouble.

Give your beautiful pieces a chance to remind you why you loved them in the first place.

I find more often than not the piece you are looking for to complete your outfit is confidence! If you love a look wear it with pride, there’s nothing wrong with being a trendsetter…someone needs to do it.


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