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What’s your vintage?

As the winter wind swirls closer and our cold weather wear bullies its way to the front, so too do we begin to see more and more vintage pieces popping out of wardrobes, shawls, coveted corduroy, clutches, and caps.

You will see dedicated vintage lovers covered from top to toe, others sporting only a few vintage pieces preferring a balance of old and new, and some like to dabble at times, depending on their mood.

Which are you? Answer the following to give you some clues….

When it comes to searching for a vintage piece you:

  1. Raid every possible place available until you find exactly what you are looking for.

  2. Are sporadic with your search, you might have a poke through grandma’s closet or the local oppy when you’re passing, but you’ll know when you see it.

  3. Won’t tire yourself searching, a vintage-inspired piece at the shopping centre will suffice.

The difference between a vintage piece and any old thing often becomes confused, when determining the difference, you:

  1. Know the minute you lay eyes on a piece, the age, the era and whether it is considered antique, vintage, retro or just old.

  2. Know when you spot something special, yet often rely on google to confirm the age.

  3. Are not terribly concerned with what vintage it is, if it looks old you consider it a vintage piece.

Your outfit is not complete without:

  1. At least 5 vintage pieces, most over 50 years old. 5 pieces is the bare minimum here.

  2. When it comes to your style you like to have at least one thing that has a story to tell, a sprinkling of old and new feels good.

  3. I do not seek vintage items to complete any outfit, but it’s nice when something ties in beautifully.

You can describe a vintage item as retro but never a retro item as vintage:

  1. Obviously!

  2. I never really thought too much about that, but yes that makes sense.

  3. You’ve lost me!

Mostly A’s


Nothing needs to be said here, you already know your vintage and only took the quiz for something fun to do with your morning cuppa. You have an era you’re drawn to and painstakingly search high and low to find the finest pieces to complement your already amazing collection, you are the one we come to if we need expertise on a particular piece.

Mostly B’s


you certainly get a thrill when finding something you know to be of vintage, but out of respect for the piece, you always consider your current wardrobe, so it won’t come home to collect dust. You have an eye for the unusual and love experimenting with old and new to create different looks.

Mostly C’s


Although not top of the list, a vintage piece would be well received by your wardrobe, providing it aligns with the latest look you are going for and doesn’t have the moth ball-y scent going on, that’s not your thing if you can find a similar piece at D.J’s life is good.

Maybe you are a mixture of all. When looking to add some more vintage pieces to your wardrobe, seek items that wouldn’t seem out of place with what you have currently, think sunglasses, jewellery, handbags or in preparation for winter why not search for some warmer pieces, like a scarf or coat, if you stick to your most prominent colour scheme your collectables are more likely to suit your favourite outfits, making it much easier to get your vintage on.


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