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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Magazine

How to dress your best even when getting your beauty sleep

I think you’re really nice and I feel we’ve known each other long enough to make our way to the bedroom….

Before we do, there’s something we need to discuss. I’ve noticed sometimes, some things have been slipping under the sheets that have overstayed their welcome or perhaps shouldn’t have come home with you at all!

PJ’s are personal and although its usually only a limited few who’ll view them (though I wouldn’t live by that rule) we still need to talk.

Why you ask, am I in your bedroom judging your jim-jams? Well, it’s almost Christmas, over the holidays you may like to have friends or family stay, or perhaps you’ll be off on an adventure and unless you happen to be one of the few elite awesome, who manage to pull themselves together pre coffee or whatever else opens your eyes of a morning, it’s likely to be all eyes on your Jarmies! So, let’s call this an early Christmas gift.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to pyjamas is this; Never invite any old stranger into your bed! Now, I’m not one to suggest you dress for someone else, you must always dress for yourself. However, if you don’t fancy being seen on the news or by your new partners family, wearing a nightie with daffy duck on it, you’ll be happy we had this little chat.

So what to wear? Limiting yourself to the sleepwear section when looking for PJ’s is madness! Some shops are dedicated to sleepwear that’s different; you’ll find lots of choices there, otherwise forget the “sleepwear section” leave the looney tunes at Movie World and think about this. What do you feel most comfortable in when sleeping? Perhaps little shorts and singlet, a slip dress or nothing at all… if it’s the latter, find an amazing robe, your family will thank you for it. If it’s any other combination, think about fabrics you love, bamboo, cotton, silk, linen, suddenly your options are endless!

You can scout around the net and find exactly the pieces you want in the fabric you love before leaving the house! My advice is to keep PJ’s simple and neutral, that doesn’t have to mean boring, you can find lace and frills, bows all sorts of pretty finishing’s to suit your personality, especially now you have opened your search options, Oh and I consider leopard print neutral.

One more thing, if you happen to be going camping and your nightwear is your daywear and your daywear is your nightwear, meaning you can wear it either day or night…you may only need to pack your pjs… you’re welcome!


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