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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Magazine

Look your best when cruising the high seas with these fashion tips.

This weekend I’m attending a fashion event aboard the Catalina, hosted by the delightful ladies from The Travelling Kimono (local ethical fashion label). There’s no doubt this will be an afternoon of afternoon’s, the only thing in question is, what to wear? What does one wear when on the water?

We all know about cliché cruise clothing, the panama, the whites, the nautical stripes. You may be thinking, well that’s all just a little bit too Noosa for me. Indeed, it’s true our chums a little further north are ferocious in the fashion department but they’re not to be feared: they’re friendly folk and when comes to dressing for deck time they are definitely doing it right.

That’s not to say Noosa owns the lounging look but being in the top seaside destinations in the world it’s an excellent spot to look to for inspiration.

So, what to wear?

The number one thing to always keep in mind when sailing (let’s not limit our dress code to river cruises) is simplicity. Fiddling and fluffing around with straps and complicated get ups is the quickest way to looking uncomfortable. The look we are going for is relaxed and carefree and most importantly, low maintenance! Preparation time should never speak louder than your outfit!

Look to your favourite simplistic pieces, be it a fabulous pair of pants or delicate dress or even a jumpsuit, keep it lightweight and you’re on winner.

Colour is also a matter of personal preference, due to the nature of the activity, lighter colours usually rule and the heat absorbing darker colours are a less likely option.

Accessories are always on board. In fact, a well-placed scarf may just be the splash of colour you’re looking for.

Footwear must be appropriate for the vessel you are visiting. For cocktail style canal cruises and the like, wedges always work, often heels are also acceptable. However, for more serious boating a flat ‘boat shoe’ is what you’re looking for. White or navy are super cute, natural colours are also very chic. Sandals are often welcome aboard especially if you happen to be on a yacht. Runners are for running and should never step on a boat, ever.

Gentleman may find they’re most comfortable in shorts and a classic collared shirt. Hawaiian is fun if it suits your mood. Yes, Hawaiian. I know it can be a tricky one, should you, shouldn’t you? I’m going to say yes to Hawaiian aboard a ship, could there be any better time? Unless you’re a pirate, I can’t say I’ve ever seen a pirate in a Hawaiian shirt… but maybe it’s just time they updated their uniform!


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