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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Magazine

OFTEN in an office environment, there’s an expectation for the style of attire acceptable. Perhaps it’s corporate clothes or colours, you may have a uniform or clothing specific to the work you do.

Working from home, however, is another story. Here you are the director of the wardrobe department. What you choose can play a big part in what will be accomplished for the day.

It’s no secret that what you wear can boost your mood, and it can influence your productivity and focus.

Of course, the benefit of conducting business from the comfort of your home is that you can relax your dress code a little, but not too much.

Swanning around in PJs all day is rarely on the agenda. Yes, some days you may feel like stretching sleepwear a touch past slumber, especially on cooler mornings. Just be aware, each day may tempt you to lounge a little longer, which is not a terribly efficient way to tackle your to-do list.

Waking up with a smile, dressing in something wonderful and preparing yourself for a day’s work is exactly what you should do if you plan on putting in a day’s work.

It’s much easier to get in the zone when you look and feel the part. It also gives a clear message to others in the home that you mean business. Oh, and if you happen to receive an unexpected video call, there’s no need to shy away from the camera — you’re ready to roll. Now that’s efficient.

Creating the definition between work and play is what’s most important here. Find what works for you.

Is it linen or silk pants with a light button- up blouse, or your favourite jeans teamed with a crisp white shirt and blazer? The type of work you’re doing should help guide you.

Never forget to splash on colour. Colour will energise you instantly, so add it wherever you can.

Slip dresses always have a place in the home office and are easy to layer with when you’re feeling chilly.

If you keep classy comfort top of mind, you shouldn’t have any trouble creating a look that is both professional and suitable for your home environment.

Heels, while being office appropriate, aren’t really designed for sidestepping toddlers, so it may be an idea to switch the spikes for slippers if you have little ones about. Yes, slippers are absolutely permitted when working from home. They’re a luxury you deserve to delight in daily. If you don’t have a fabulous pair, I do recommend you get some. I would consider these a work-from-home essential.


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