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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Magazine

Mens and Women's Australian Designer Hats

Little compares to the thrill of a road trip. Windows down, fresh breeze ripping through the car, as you belt out your favourite ballads – no doubt out of tune, but no one cares, adventure awaits!

Thinking of your travel companions, specifically what you’ll be wearing. There’s one accessory that screams ROAD TRIP louder than the songs you’re singing. An expedition loving, fun-seeking, sun-shielding essential, that no journey should ever be lacking. A hat! This one piece alone captures the feeling of freedom entirely.

For hat lack-ers, finding the perfect hat isn’t always so easy. Rather than add to your collection of incompatible hats, it’s time we found something suitable. Jump in, we’re going to Rye, Victoria to have a chat to Lauren from Aussie hat label Will & Bear.

According to Lauren, when looking for the right style of headwear, it’s important to consider your hat needs. Are you looking for an everyday hat? Or a travel companion? “The right style will suit your lifestyle,” she said.

To make your search a lot simpler, start your exploration online, first stop @willandbear of course! Check out different face shapes and look at the hats they have on their heads, it will help you identify which styles will suit you.

Talking noggins with Lauren

- favourite piece from your collection?

The Andy has been our strongest statement piece yet, and our favourite unisex hat! It features a tall teardrop crown atop a wide-brim and is finished with a premium leather accessory.”

- Which hat will keep you warmest if you're not keen on beanies?

“The Outback Collection is made up of our newly developed wide brim Australian wool hats that will surely keep you warm this season. Our statement pieces are Andy and Whitman.” (Pictured)

- If you could take only 3 items of clothing on your travels what would they be?

“A good pair of jeans, cosy oversized sweater and a hat, of course, haha.”

- The best solution for hat hair?

“Embrace it ;)”

- All-time favourite road trip song?

“Come away, Sons of the East.”

Committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainability Will & Bear love finding creative ways to reduce their reliance on new fibres. They are always experimenting with new materials from upcycled waste to minimize their carbon footprint. Oh! And for every hat sold they plant 10 trees. Now that’s a valuable purchase!

To find your fabulous hat visit

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