Wooden Bead & Tassel Earrings
Handmade with recycled treasure
8cm Drop
Stainless Steel Ear Wire


  • Although you should always adorn your adorable ears, these beautiful girls are not really suitable for gardening or any other activities that may put them in danger of becoming soiled.*

    Wait a minute, why are you getting your hands dirty? Feet up, pour a glass and flash your fabulous tassels around!

    * Do be cautious with makeup transfer, best to apply makeup prior to popping your earrings on. A soft makeup wipe can assist with any little marks but may not remove them entirely.

    If your tassels have taken on a life of their own, give them a little comb and they will be as fluffy and fabulous as when you first laid eyes on them.

    The bottoms of my tassels will fray over time, but we all change as we get older, that's what makes us special.

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