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I find individual style really inspiring, I love to mix things up and experiment with unusual combinations and textures to create your own unique fashion story or fashion accessory. I believe in taking care of our fashion family and our planet, so if I can style the world with recycled, local and friendly fashion, I will. Each of my jewellery creations is made with deserted and discarded treasures from near and far, lovingly redesigned looking for someone new to love them.

Sometime in the not too distant future, I'm looking forward to launching sustainable fashion event, Runway Fashion Australia alongside my fellow fashion fanatic friend Carlie Wacker. (We're just waiting on COVID to give us the thumbs up on that one) So watch this space.


If you are planning a fashion event or photoshoot, or you’re an amazing designer that I should know about, please make contact - I would love to chat.

xx Jacinta Emms 



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