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Can you believe it is almost Christmas?! It’s so close I’m not sure we even need to count down the days, must be time to stock up on the wine and cheese…for Santa that is. And what about Christmas presents, are you done yet? Or will you be heading out for a touch of festive exercise with everyone else running around last minute?

It certainly can be a crazy time of year, but so rewarding when you see the look on a special someone’s face when they open a gift you have chosen especially for them.

I don’t know about you but every gift I give is not without thought, even if I’m short on time I will only choose something that will bring the twinkle to someone’s eye and when it comes to things that bring the twinkle, there is nothing like looking for locals you can spend a dime with now that’s a gift that keeps on giving, especially after this wild year!

Often it can be a challenge tracking down lovely locals last minute, so rather than have you running around town not sure where you are off to (even if you do want to prepare your body for the post-Christmas bottom blow out) I have found a pop-up one-stop shop where you can find everything you are looking for made by your neighbours and at prices that won't take the festive out of your festivities.

A Sunny Coast collective called 4564 Exposure has been working hard to build a community to support creatives in the area and just in time for Christmas they have popped up in a shop in the Pacific Paradise Coles Complex, bringing together wonderful locals with amazing skills who create all sorts of beautiful things, find ceramics, visual arts, resin homewares, jewellery, clothing (tie-dyed by an 8-year old I might add) body scrubs, plants, lip balms, hand-painted clutches and surfboards, endless creativity in every corner waiting for you to discover, but you need to get in quick it’s only popping up until the 20th of December!

Stuck on a secret Santa? Here are my three quick picks sure to please any participant.

Did you play Knuckle Bones when you were younger? If so you will love this version, such a simple gift, giving hours of fun for all.

This Matcha scrub smells absolutely divine and would be the perfect gift to refresh after these warm summer days.

Oh, my goodness these wind chimes are GORGEOUS! And every one is different so prepare yourself it is very very hard to choose which one to take home.

But don’t let me take the fun out of choosing, I don’t know your friends as well as you do, so go now have a look and find something fabulous, new things are arriving every day so you are sure to find something unique! 4564 Exposure open now until the 20th December, 7 days 10 am - 4 pm just around the corner from Gone Bonkers.


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