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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Magazine

AUTUMN: Our entree to winter. Warm evenings are quickly cooling, and wintry wear is edging its way into our ensembles. But we’re not ready to commit to cold weather, so let’s talk layering.

This is a wonderful way to stay warm before wearing winter.

If you feel lost when it comes to layering, don’t distress. The trick is to keep things simple and start with the right foundation.

Choose your first piece.

It’s easy to reach for some jeans and an oversized jumper but this is lumping not layering. We all like to lump every now and then, but it’s rarely flattering and in the case of our curvy ladies, well where are your curves? You’ve covered them up and that’s cause for concern!

So, in celebration of your curvature, here’s the lowdown on layering to preserve your precious proportions.

I would like you to start with a dress.

One that tapers in or wraps at the waist will work well for a warm feminine look rather than looking bulky and baggy, when you begin adding layers.

A lovely example of this is local label Jeuje.

Prue Egan, the label’s founder, designs each piece to flatter curvaceous body shapes and with lots of colour.

The designs are ideal for the autumn layered look we’re going for. A colour forecast should never limit your palette when layering, so choose a colour you love.

Time for a dress up. What would you like to layer with? Use existing favourites or invest in tanks, tees and tights that you can wear under anything.

The Red Chelby strapless dress would look great teamed with a T-shirt or long-sleeved lace top underneath or over, secured with a cute little belt. It’s important to experiment and be creative. This is what gives simple outfits a touch of the unexpected and a piece of your personality.

Always remember to look at proportions.

With lovely long dresses like these, try a crop jumper or cardigan to balance the flowing skirt. That way, you’re still accentuating your waist and being considerate of your curves.

Tying a chambray shirt just below the bust is another way to add warmth and so easy to take off as you defrost during the day.

Explore different combinations and don’t forget to include accessories such as scarfs and hats. You’ll find so many looks you love and before you know it, you will crave layering.

The most important thing is to always ensure your outfit works even once the outer layer is removed. This is where a dress makes layering so easy. Find the right dress to caress your curves at


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