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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Weekend Magazine

No matter where you like to shop, markets, second-hand stores, local boutiques or department stores, before you set out on your fashion adventure, you need a plan. Start by ripping open fashion magazines or conduct an online style investigation, see how outfits are being put together, including accessories, what do you like? What isn’t your favourite and why? Take notes, check out people with silhouettes similar to yours, what are they wearing? What do you love? Collect images of pieces you love and feel you need in your wardrobe

Think about everything you wear, especially outfits in which you feel the least confident, start your shopping list here, these outfits need the most work, a happy wardrobe, trend or no is one that each piece within makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Open your wardrobe… What do you need? Add it to your list, perhaps one new top can suit the 5 unworn skirts, or a nice pair of pants will make happy your 700 shirts slouching on the shelf (if you do have 700, I suggest you access that situation) but you see where I’m going.

Ready to go? Before leaving, remember to wear underwear you’re most likely to wear with what you’re looking for, don’t have the right ones? First stop - the lingerie store!

When shopping, be careful of trends and wonderful things that excite your inner fashionista, she’s fabulous yet not always wise, for me anything orange, with wild prints or a sprinkling of shine and I have more sparkles in my eyes than a head to toe sequin bodysuit, so if your eyes are twinkling brighter than the stars in the night sky, BEWARE, calm your thumping heart and proceed with caution.

Not every get-up in the shop will have you stepping out fit for a force of paparazzi. Try everything on, check your list and stay in control! If you have the inkling that you love the idea of something rather than the way it looks on, never allow a fashion campaign, shop assistant or a spectacular sparkle spend your dollars. Tighten your purse strings and proudly move on.

A retailer's dream is a women in a rush. Ladies, avoid shopping at the last minute or on limited time, this is when things get really messy, you buy everything that’s thrown at you, you’re taking fashion advice from children or random passers-by, there is all sorts of craziness happening here, it’s stressful and rarely a recipe for great purchasing decisions.

Remember a wardrobe full of clothes with tags on, is nothing to brag about, it’s a reflection of impulse buying, over excitedness and unsuitable selections - The best wardrobes take time to develop, buy less choose well.


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